Exciting News! The SECOND Album is Coming!

Every couple years, I gather enough songs that I feel are worth sharing. Songs that carry messages of things I’ve learned and trails I’ve walked through. I feel like I’m sitting on some of the strongest songs I’ve written and I need your help getting them recorded and released into the world. Many of you know my back story and the long and winding road the Lord has brought me through.

Please consider partnering with me and giving to my campaign and sharing this with your friends who you think will appreciate my music.

We’re going big with this new project!

We need $20,000 for the production of the album, the media it will be listened to on (did somebody say vinyl?), music videos, and other professional promotional materials. We want to do this album big, because it’s a BIG album. It will blow you away! Please donate below.

Currently, we are fundraising with Generosity Rocks, founded by our friend Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way.